Container Van Stuffing / Un-Stuffing

- Speedy and efficient loading (Stuffing) as well as unloading (Un-Stuffing) of loose cargoes into/from Containers

Container Terminal Operations

- Storage of 10, 20, and 40 footer containers.

Bulk Bagging Operations

- Items received in bulk are directly unloaded to pre-positioned Hoppers and loaded into bags at pretermined
weights using Oroport's Automated Bagging Facilities.

Lift On / Lift Off Services

- Containers and other heavy cargoes are loaded or unloaded from carrier trucks using Oroport's wide range of Mobile Lifting Equipment.

Weighbridge Operations

- Two units with loading capacity of 80 Metric Tons, provide weighing services for port users at Gate 5.

Cold Storage Operations



International Port of Cagayan de Oro, Port Area, Cagayan de Oro City

Tel Nos. (Connecting all departments) (008) 856-9054 to 56;
Fax   (088) 856-9531

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