OROPORT aims to attain "WORLD-CLASS" cargo handling capabilities and is committed to consistently meet the needs and expectations of its customers.


In order to achieve this commitment, we will ensure the following:


  •       Availability and reliability of equipment and support facilities;

  •       Competent and responsible employees;

  •       Safe working conditions, and

  •       Compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.


We at OROPORT, will strive as a team for excellence and continual improvement towards the realization of our quality policy and goals.

Our Vision

To be a globally competitive and diversified port cargohandling services provider.

Our Strategy
  • ​Sustained improvement in port cargo handling management and processes

  • Long and short- term business plans and objectives

  • Proactive investment planning and acquisition of  additional equipment, facilities and port cargo handling technologies

Our Strengths
  • ​Over 50 years of Cargo-Handling experience

  • Availability and reliability of equipment and support facilities

  • Committed, competent, skilled and responsible employees

  • Compliance with applicable regulatory requirements

Our Mission

​We shall maintain an organization that relentlessly pursues market opportunities, driven by a shared passion for success, enabled by an empowering environment for pursuing business goals, innovation, personal fulfillment and professional growth supported by a culture that recognizes the value-added contributions of its employees.